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Looking ahead to BMW’s tardy but exciting electric saloon and Munich’s bang-on-trend 2 Series Gran Coupe

With the arrival of the original Model S and Model X from Tesla feeling like a lifetime ago, the Jaguar I-PACE since having been joined by Mercedes' EQC and the Audi e-tron with a Sportback variant on the way, and Elon's Model 3 proving a runaway success in both the retail and leasing segments, fleet favourites BMW may seem a trifle slow in some minds to enter the larger, premium EV scene.

2nd December 2019
Writted by Oliver Hammond

The present and near future of plug-in hybrid and electric vans

When it comes to cars, there's no doubt that motorists are being encouraged to switch to plug-in hybrid and all-electric models as soon as possible by all manner of voices and there is certainly plenty of choice out there. In the light commercial vehicle (LCV) world, though, PHEV and EV vans are far from ubiquitous, electrified offerings having been slower to emerge. We look at electric van developments and available models so far, along with what's on the horizon.

2nd October 2019
Writted by Oliver Hammond

Audi ‘TFSI e’ plug-in, Peugeot ‘e-‘ electric and Volvo ‘B’ mild hybrid models provide hope – at least for certain drivers

Headlines like Auto Express' 'Latest diesel cars emit almost no NOx according to new research' and Fleet News' 'New diesels proven to be as clean as petrol models' will undoubtedly leave some fleet managers and personal contract hire customers scratching their heads – but manufacturers or 'OEMs', with the exception of clever Mercedes, seemingly have a one-track mind.

26th February 2019
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A couple of bits of good news for anyone thinking of going electric

For those who've been mulling over buying or leasing an electric car, 'range anxiety' has typically concerned some – and who can blame them? After all, driving to visit relatives, enjoy a day out somewhere or perhaps to fulfil a work commitment while smugly emitting zilch out of the back is one thing, but running out of juice and becoming stranded is quite another.

12th November 2018
Writted by Oliver Hammond