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Fleet management in today’s landscape of ADAS, CAZ and GDPR

The number of the UK's company cars per se is unarguably reducing and stood at around a million vehicles at Lex Autolease's most recent count, but the overall number of 'fleet' vehicles is growing and has likely exceeded fifteen million. This is primarily down to the trend in employees opting out of BIK-heavy company cars and either buying, financing or leasing personal vehicles or continuing to run their existing 'grey fleet' cars.

12th June 2019
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Company fleet manager? Cash allowance opt-out taker? Is a self-charging hybrid car you don’t plug in right for you?

Interest in buying and leasing hybrid vehicles continues to grow amongst company car drivers seeking to reduce their benefit in kind (BIK) tax liability or avoid the 4% diesel surcharge, fleet managers striving to enhance their organisations' environmental standings, and scheme opt-out cash allowance-takers; but deciphering the jargon and lingo can be confusing.

26th April 2019
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RED2-compliant, Euro 6d lease cars that avoid the 4% diesel surcharge tax

The advent of the 2018/19 tax year saw the 3% diesel surcharge rise to 4%, which might not seem much in itself, but against a backdrop of increasingly punitive measures by HMRC, CO2 re-categorisation as a result of WLTP pushing many models up a band, and the Government's recent dilution of the Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG) to ironically exclude hybrids and benefit only electric cars, every pound matters to company car fleets.

19th January 2019
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Do all your company car and van fleet drivers meet UK laws on eyesight?

Not every small and medium-size business has a specialist fleet management provider like Vehicle Consulting caring for their at-work drivers and company car and van fleets, the role often handled part-time by someone in HR or finance, or by the business owner.

5th November 2018
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WLTP and what you need to know if you’re comparing which car to lease

As well as welcoming in the latest '68 number plates, last month also marked a much more serious change in the world of cars and vans. Acronyms are easily missed but the four-lettered abbreviation WLTP, standing for Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure, has been having quite an impact on individual personal contract hire (PCH) car leasing customers and fleets alike.

17th October 2018
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