Vehicle Delivery

Where applicable delivery of your vehicle will be organised once any monies due by way of arrangement fees, deposits or the balance of monies due have been paid. This will also be in conjunction with us being in receipt of your signed formal agreement with the lender being used for the finance.

Delivery will always be arranged to your home or business address, unless by strict prior approval by the funder or where we are authorised to make alternative arrangements on your behalf.

Delivery costs are typically included as part of the lease agreement, with most deliveries being conducted by driven method. Please note that deliveries to certain regions of the UK may carry additional costs, this may also arise as a consequence of your location in relation to the supplying dealer. Vehicle Consulting Group will always endeavour to advise you of these costs in advance of booking your delivery. Delivery by transporter may be available upon request, although please be aware that additional costs for this service may apply.

In most instances, the funder being used to finance your vehicle will provide an additional mileage allowance to cover delivery. This mileage will in most cases have an upper limit of 100 miles from the supplying dealer’s location to your home or business delivery address. Any additional mileage above this allowance may be deducted from the agreed total mileage amount as per the legal agreement you have signed. Additional costs may apply should you require delivery via transporter.

Please note that wherever we refer to “estimated delivery date” or “lead time for delivery”, these are representations of our best intentions to deliver your vehicle by. They are often estimated dates provided to us by the supplier and in no way can they be offered as a guarantee. Delivery dates are subject to change as a consequence of changes during the manufacturing process but may also be as a result of delays between manufacturing and movement from the factory, to holding compounds with onward delivery to the supplying dealer prior to delivery to you.

Every effort is made by Vehicle Consulting Group to meet quoted delivery timeframes; however, Vehicle Consulting Group accepts no responsibility for changes to delivery dates, which may come about due to circumstances beyond our control.

Wherever possible, Vehicle Consulting Group will provide timely updates regarding delays and will communicate these to you at the earliest opportunity available. Vehicle Consulting Group will not accept any responsibility for losses or inconvenience caused as a result of these delays.

Under certain circumstances and subject to both availability and qualifying criteria, where a delivery is subject to extended delays, Vehicle Consulting Group may be able to refer you to a short-term rental solution. Please note however, additional costs for this service may apply.

For regulated agreements where a mandatory cooling off period applies, Vehicle Consulting Group reserves the right to delay delivery of your vehicle until such time as the appropriate period has been passed. Should you require more information regarding how cooling off periods might apply to you, please refer to your account manager or seek clarification from our operations team.

Prior to delivery, proof of fully comprehensive insurance may be required. Please note that where applicable, it is your responsibility to notify your insurer that the vehicle being delivered is being taken on a lease agreement. You will need to disclose when required that the vehicle remains the property of the funder being used for the lease and as such they will be both the registered owner and registered keeper for the duration of the lease agreement.

Prior to arranging delivery, please ensure you have made adequate arrangements should the fitting of a vehicle tracker be required. Vehicle Consulting Group accepts no responsibility for delays to delivery as a consequence of your insurer imposing a mandatory requirement which you did not previously make us aware of.

Due to the nature of where the vehicles are sourced it may not always be possible to register your new vehicle with a local registration.

The day of delivery

We understand that the arrival of your new vehicle is an exciting moment, but we kindly request that you take the time to ensure your complete satisfaction. Upon delivery of your new car or commercial vehicle, please consider the following important steps:


  1. **Vehicle Inspection**: Take the time to thoroughly inspect your new vehicle. Verify that it matches what you ordered in terms of model, colour, and specification. Ensure all manuals and service booklets are included (unless they are digital or online). Familiarise yourself with the location of the locking wheel nut.


  1. **Cleanliness and Condition**: While some road dirt may be expected (unless delivered on a transporter), your vehicle should not arrive overly dirty and certainly not damaged. Please check for any external damage, and ensure the interior is clean and in perfect condition.


  1. **Technical Questions**: Understand that due to the high volume of deliveries, many dealers or dealer groups may utilise outside agencies. Unless you’ve specifically requested or been offered a full technical handover, the delivery driver may not have in-depth technical knowledge. If you have any technical questions, it’s advisable to address them at a later time.


  1. **Documentation**: During the handover, you should be given something to sign, even if it’s on a digital device. Do not accept any excuses for not providing you with the opportunity to give your approval or disapproval. This step is crucial to record the condition of the vehicle upon delivery.


  1. **Take Your Time**: Never allow yourself to feel rushed by the delivery driver. This is a significant acquisition and it’s essential that you feel comfortable with the process. Ask any questions you may have and ensure you’re satisfied with the delivery.


  1. **Note Any Issues**: If your vehicle arrives dirty or damaged, it’s essential to document these issues. Take clear photographs of any damage or excessive dirt and ensure they are time-stamped. This photographic evidence will be invaluable in case of any disputes and will help expedite any necessary resolution. Once the driver departs, your opportunity to address these concerns may be limited.


  1. **Test Drive**: If possible, take your new vehicle for a short test drive with the delivery driver to ensure it operates smoothly and there are no immediate issues.


  1. **Expect Professionalism**: We hold all our suppliers to the highest standards of professionalism. We aim for your vehicle handover to be an enjoyable and stress-free experience. If you encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team for assistance.


  1. **Enjoy Your New Vehicle**: Lastly, take a moment to enjoy your new vehicle and the exciting journey ahead!


Your satisfaction with the delivery of your new vehicle is of utmost importance to us. Please follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth handover and enjoy your new vehicle to the fullest.

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