Driving Licence Checking

Minimising your corporate risks by ensuring your drivers are safe and compliant.

DAVIS License Check

The DAVIS Licence Check service automates the required driver checks to help minimise occupational road risk and manage compliance requirements.

  • Checks the driver has the correct category entitlement and eligibility to drive
  • Checks the licence for current endorsements, penalty points and convictions
  • Identifies and monitors ‘high risk’ drivers
  • Frequency of rechecks can be scheduled according to risk for a truly flexible approach to driver checks
  • Analyses data provided by the DVLA
  • A safe, secure and reliable cloud solution which records, stores and verifies driving licence information
  • Integrates with in-house software applications if desired

How will it improve efficiency?

  • Automatic scheduling of driving licence rechecks without the need for human intervention
  • Provides results in seconds
  • Easy onboard – 5 simple methods to add drivers
  • Manages the full driver permission process (valid for 3 years)
  • Triggers comprehensive notifications and immediate warnings
  • Reduces paperwork and administration for both office based employees and drivers

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