Fuel Cards

Take full control of your fleet’s fuel spend with the Vehicle Consulting fuel card.

What are the benefits of a Vehicle Consulting fuel card?

  • Accepted at over 7,600 fuel sites – a UK coverage of 90%
  • Discounted diesel – save 2p per litre at over 1,300 fuel sites
  • Includes 1,900 EV charge points at 700 locations
  • HMRC approved invoices for simple VAT reclaim
  • Spend and usage trend reporting
  • No transaction fees
  • Chip and PIN control

Using your Vehicle Consulting fuel card

Petrol & Diesel

Simply fill up at one of the 7,600 fuel sites, then use the chip and PIN on your fuel card to make payments at the kiosk. Some sites allow outdoor payment terminals to be used.

Discounted diesel can be activated by looking out for the logo. Simply swipe the magnetic strip on the reverse of your fuel card to unlock the discount.


Just tap your EV charge activated fuel card at one of the 1,900 charge points to begin charging session. Brands include ChargePoint, Engenie, ESB and Source London.

Under your control

Usage of the Vehicle Consulting fuel card can be tailored to suit the needs of your fleet. Various controls include:

  • Restriction of premium grade fuels
  • Supermarket and discount diesel sites only
  • Card linked to specific vehicle and driver
  • Restriction to specific fuel brands

Online fuel card management

Access card information, usage, credit limits and order or cancel cards on your online dashboard.

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