Fleet Management

Vehicle Consulting fleet management solutions are designed to optimise the administration and resources for organisations managing between 2-300 vehicles.

Vehicle Consulting: Your fleet manager

Perfect for organisations in which looking after vehicles and drivers is managed on a part-time basis by someone from another department, Vehicle Consulting’s fleet management service is all-encompassing, ultimately saving time and money while ensuring that personnel are provided with the safest and most fuel-efficient vehicles available.

Discover the full benefits of our fleet management service further down the page or get in touch to discuss your organisation’s plans.

  • Fleets of all sizes up to 300 vehicles
  • Any mix of cars and vans plus grey fleet (personal vehicles)
  • Frees up time for HR, finance or other staff acting as part-time fleet managers
  • Full service from ordering and delivery to licence checking, renewals and disposal
  • Attractive pricing and special offers across the whole contract hire market
  • Fleet policy reviews, efficient daily and short-term rental solutions and other services including mobility

A broker-managed fleet: the benefits

A fully independent broker like Vehicle Consulting is able to act in a far more flexible, agile way in comparison to manufacturers, multinationals and other larger financial organisations impeded by lengthier approval processes. Decisions are made for the benefit of client relationships, and pricing reviews are often able to be carried out at shorter intervals.

Leveraging a broker’s multi-funded approach that allows continuous access to the best value funding options has clear procurement benefits for clients. The alternative single funder approach is inflexible and not guaranteed to provide best value packages.

Brokers ordinarily receive the latest automotive news and developments on a regular basis, such information disseminated quickly to their account managers in order to advise clients of best practice, new technologies and legislative changes.

Brexit’s effects are unknown and some key funders are French-owned e.g. Arval is backed by BNP Paribas, such knowledge representing an additional way in which engaging a whole-market broker works to a fleet’s advantage.

Vehicle Consulting can review an organisation’s fleet policy to ensure that it reflects the latest legislative and other changes along with HR procedures, driver and vehicular guidance under duty of care, and health and safety.

Vehicle Consulting cares for the leasing and fleet management activities of numerous fleets of up to 300 vehicles, from world famous sportswear brands to major names in the construction and financial sectors. What are the advantages of entrusting a leasing broker like Vehicle Consulting to look after your fleet’s drivers and vehicles?

Many organisations do not employ a dedicated fleet manager whose role solely involves caring for their drivers and vehicles. A specialised and experienced contract hire broker with long-standing relationships across the automotive sector will typically be able to resolve vehicle specification, pricing, ordering, pre and post-delivery, renewals, de-hire and disposal processes more efficiently, freeing up time for procurement, HR or finance personnel who may otherwise assume the role. Caring for drivers in today’s climate of GDPR and corporate culpability can also prove burdensome, encompassing facets such as penalty points and licence checking.

Leasing brokers that place significant volumes of orders with manufacturers and dealers are usually able to negotiate more attractive pricing and terms across both business and personal contract hire/PCH (for cash allowance situations), and they can often secure reduced delivery times, procure hard-to-find vehicles and facilitate efficient short-term rental and other mobility solutions when the need arises. Brokers are also intimately aware of funders’ seasonal price behaviour along with special campaigns they offer.

Our fleet management consultancy services focus on areas including car banding, choice and rebates, short-term and daily rental, roof racks, ply lining, accident repair, alternatively-fuelled vehicles (AFV) and telematics.

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