Electrifying Your Fleet

Qualifying the benefits of hybrids and Electric Vehicles and guide you in making the switch.

Electric Cars

Electric charging points provided at workplace

  • In addition to the very generous income tax treatment and capital allowances relief for electric cars, where the company installs charging points for electric vehicles before 31 March 2023, 100% first year capital allowances can be claimed on those costs. Where the Company then allows all employees to charge their vehicles at work there is no taxable benefit for the employees. Equally, a taxable benefit does not arise on an employee where the employer pays for the cost of charging the vehicle, provided there is no fuel also paid for


Payment to Reimburse Employee for Charging Costs

  • Where the employee pays for the electricity, the employer can pay 4p per mile to reimburse business journeys. Payments in excess of 4p per business mile will be taxable on the employee

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