Fleet Dash Cam Solutions

Keep an around the clock 360-view on your fleet using an integrated camera and data-driven software package

CrystalBall SmartCam 4G

This innovative camera & software system offers a whole suite of features and functionality that makes it a breeze to keep visual track of your fleet vehicles and keep drivers safe and covered.

Why use dash cams in your fleet?

  • Rapid claim managements and minimise the costs of at-fault accidents
  • Safeguard your fleet against ‘crash for cash’ scams
  • Dash cam use may reduce accidents by up to 53%*
  • Drivers with a dash cam have been found to be 33% safer behind the wheel*

Key Features

  • 4G-enabled dash cam – HD video recording sent to both the cloud and a physical SD card
  • GPS Tracking – with integrated FleetTracker software (read more below)
  • Driver Behaviour System – measuring speed, acceleration, cornering, braking & idling to calculate driver score
  • Driver App – seamless integration smartphone app showing driver scoring and vehicle checklists
  • Vehicle Checks – keep track of your vehicles ensuring a compliant and roadworthy fleet
  • Panic Button – allowing drivers to trigger an alarm in an emergency

FleetTracker Functionality

  • Live Mapping – allows fleet managers to locate vehicles in real time on a live map, showing vehicles in journey, idling and stationary
  • Journey Playback – understand the routes taken using ‘snail-trail- data
  • Geofencing – create virtual geographic boundaries allowing you to record when vehicles have passed through or ended journeys
  • Alarms and alerts – allowing triggers against key events such as speeding and geofence entry or exit.
  • Reports – allowing administrators to access a suite of reports which can be configured to send automatically to relevant recipients
  • Sharing – share live locations with third parties


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*Source: FleetNews, 2018; Dualdrive, 2021

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